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I Am an 11 Year Old Kite Girl

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My name is Avalon and I am an 11 year old kite girl. I live in Arusha, Tanzania. My dad goes kiting and in India I rode on his back while he was kiting. I was 4 years old and it was fun! I first went to Zanzibar to kite five months ago. It was was all very interesting. That time I spent lots of time trying to do a water-start and but only did it once.

The second time I went to Zanzibar was with Andrea teaching me. My brother and I went over the basics again, and then into the water to try water-starts. This time, everything seemed simpler because I had done it before. The first day of trying I got up a couple of times but didn’t go very far.

Kitesurfing is amazing!

kite girl kitesirens

One day while I was out the wind was very low so it was a lot harder and I didn’t get up once. But I still learned what to do at these low wind times. The afternoon of that day the wind was strong. I went out and got up a lot of times. I went very far because the wind was good.

When I got up and going, it was a really good feeling. I enjoyed being pulled by the wind and to give the trust to the kite to hold you. The water below me felt smooth when my board was moving. I felt freedom and joy when I was going. I really liked the feeling and therefore I want to kite some more because once you get up once everything seems easier. It is a really fun sport and I am very happy I chose to do it.

I can’t wait to learn to kite upwind because this way I do not have to walk all the way down the beach to kite a little bit.

The most interesting thing about kiting to me is how the kite works and is designed. I think things on the kite like quick release and other things are really interesting how it all works and fits together. I also find kite launching tricks interesting because they are really cool how the kite can launch with those simple tricks in very low wind.

Learning to kite also taught me to be patient

kite girl kitesirens

I learned the kite moves with the wind and if you crash in light wind you have to be patient because the kite may not launch for a while and you might be struggling with the kite and getting mad doesn’t help! 

Now I look forward to visit the KiteSirens in Barbados. This is their kite school!


kite girl kitesirens

Avalon Fischer

Avalon is a young kite girl living in Arusha, Tanzania. We met her in Zanzibar when she and her brother Magnus took a kitesurfing course with Andrea. Since the beginning, Avalon showed everybody that kiteboarding is a sport where technique, coordination and determination are more important than physical strength. Avalon, at her young age of 11 years old learned in less than 10 hours to stand up on the board and kite for a good 30 meters.

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