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Fitting dating into the equation of a highly addictive sport can be quite challenging. As a girl it is difficult to remain “balanced” and adhere to societal expectations of how you “should” be. Being constantly covered in sand and bruises doesn’t exactly keep with the lady-like image that women are generally expected to fulfill. Adopting a Stepford Wife appearance is not protocol and, as a girl who kites, meeting a guy who appreciates that is high on the priority list.

Would you Date a Kitesurfer?

As I have progressed through kitesurfing the type of guys I’ve dated has gone through some changes. When I was learning to kite it was a chore to even think about dating. Between long working hours and spending all of my free time getting pounded by waves, guy stresses was definitely not something I had energy for. Basically, if you weren’t at work with me, or at the beach, the chances of me seeing you were slim. Although you meet a lot of people while kitesurfing in Barbados they mostly come and go, so the idea of a short-lived affair was not something that I was that vested in. Despite these factors I have some stories that make me laugh when I look back on them.

My first introduction to kiting and dating came when I was learning the sport. I completely wrecked Valentine’s Day plans by spending much more time at the beach than we had planned. Two hours of classes quickly doubled as I refused to leave the beach without mastering a water-start. My Valentines date spent the day basking in the sun like an unwilling iguana. The plight wasn’t over until we arrived to dinner over an hour late. I must say I was relieved that at least he didn’t get a sun stroke.

Following the learning stages then came the brilliant idea that I could convince my partner to start kiting. What’s there not to love, right?! Well let me just say that, unless you are a kitesurfing instructor, I strongly suggest you don’t try to teach your partner to kite. It’s not common nature for a guy to feel that a girl is better than them at something, especially not an extreme sport such as kitesurfing. Trust me, they will not listen to your advice, especially not the basics of letting go of the bar when the situation starts to get out of control. If you share my luck, you will witness your partner getting dragged down the beach in a scary display of catapults and back-flips. This is a less than ideal romantic date. The repercussion of a bruised ego may lead to things not running as smoothly for the next couple days, especially if you can’t control the outburst of laughter every time you remember the situation.


Needless to say kitesurfing has added another shade to my dating life. Dating a guy who kites is not necessarily a prerequisite, but sharing time with someone who appreciates nature and the simple beauties of life is.

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What are your views on kiting and dating? I’m sure you have some entertaining stories and perspectives, please share below!

I thrive on challenges, am addicted to adrenaline, in love with adventure and inspired by simple pleasures. Authenticity is my core value.


  1. Allan, a.k.a. RocKiteman Says: September 3, 2016 at 9:26 am

    Bottom line → BULLS**T! If a guy CANNOT accept you AS YOU ARE, being a kiteboarder//kitesurfer, then he DOES NOT DESERVE YOU.

    ‘Nuff said….

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