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As I sort through many commitments for the day and begin prioritizing my time– compartmentalizing my head like some sort of hanging shoe rack– I end up scrolling through social media and stumbling across a blog, Surf Family Life: Balance and Bills. This blog speaks to the need for balance and changing one’s lifestyle in order to accommodate a passion. Well, I do not have kids or a husband, but this certainly hit home.

I have spent the last year throwing myself into kitesurfing, a journey that has not been easy. My learning curve for kiting has been extremely steep, where I have thought about burning my board and slashing my kite on numerous occasions. It has been a battle of determination and self-doubt– a paradox running parallel to my life in other areas. Within the last few months, situations have unfolded allowing my life to be characterized by change while filling me with a growing need to identify with my core values. I have started meditating on certain questions…

What type of life do I wish to live? How do I want to spend my time? And ultimately– How can I live being personally fulfilled while impacting others positively?

Finding kitesurfing and developing a deep passion for the sport has led me to take a step back, ground myself and ask myself pertinent questions, which allow me to live in the present. Enjoying the journey has become my priority and the “finish line”, a fascinating variable. Through my passion for kitesurfing, I have found another: helping others, making a difference, even if it’s in the smallest way possible.

This passion has evoked a new mission for me… to share that feeling with others and help them find their own calling. It’s incredible what living true to yourself can do. Even when you are “lost” and have no plans for the next ten years, you feel more fulfilled than you ever could be. You learn to trust yourself independent of the outcome or expectations. You learn to be free.

I encourage you to ask yourself questions that will challenge your preconceived notions. I dare you to discover your darkest parts and through these, find your light.

Here I leave with the moral of the story– find your passion. Trust and believe in yourself! If you don’t, no one else will.

I thrive on challenges, am addicted to adrenaline, in love with adventure and inspired by simple pleasures. Authenticity is my core value.

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