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Known as Tribu del Sol in Spain, Sun Tribe by KiteSirens is a social project that is starting to create waves in Spain as the start date, August 13th, approaches. As a social project that no one seems to have seen before, Sun Tribe is getting the attention from the local media in Spain.

Last Wednesday, July 20th, I drove from my city, Barcelona, to Deltebre, where I was interviewed by Radio Delta, the local radio station from Deltebre, a town close by the kitesurfing spot of Delta del Ebro, where the kick-off of the project is taking place.

Since the interview was recorded in Catalan, the local language from my region Catalonia, Spain, below is a summary in English.

Andrea, what is KiteSirens?

KiteSirens is an organization that I founded together with two friends in Barbados, where it is based. Everything started with our need to share the sport of kitesurfing with other girls and women, as it has become our passion and changed our lives, giving us a new perspective. We created a blog through our website, where we share our kitesurfing experiences and now we are launching the Sun Tribe project, starting internationally in Spain.

Barbados? Tell me about it!

Barbados it is a little island in the Caribbean. It is an independent country and the paradise that anyone could dream about. The temperatures are tropical and we have trade winds that are the constant winds that come from the northeast, actually from Spain!

Do you work with the sport of kitesurfing?

I am a primary school teacher but since I got into kitesurfing I have become a bit crazy and addicted to this sport. I left everything and now I am a kitesurf instructor and co-founder of KiteSirens, together with my friends Carolina Dickenson and Kelly Brown.

Are you on holidays here at Catalunya, Spain?

Well, on August 13th we are starting with the social project Sun Tribe. It is interesting that you asked that because actually ‘holidays’ it is a very interesting word. I always thought I don’t want my job to be a load for me. I want my job to be a joy. Now I am working but it feels like holidays!

Tell me more about your project Sun Tribe…

It is a non profit project that comes from the desire to share this sport with more girls and the values that we learned from it. We are going to offer kitesurfing lessons without any cost to unprivileged girls from 16 to 21 years olds. We are starting here at Delta del Ebro from August 13th to 26th, then we are going to Cartagena, La Manga del Mar Menor, and finally we are going to Tarifa.

Are the girls locals?

It is important for us to promote the sport among girls who live close to the kitesurfing spots where we are going to be teaching. For example, Delta del Ebro is a very recognized kitesurfing spot because of its espectacular conditions. And it is unfortunate that there are people who lives here and can’t practice this sport. We want to get the girls from the community hooked on kiting!

What are other requirements?

We want to offer this opportunity to girls with a low economic income or with social needs. Basically we want to share this passion with girls who would not be able to have access to this opportunity without us. If you are listening and you want to participate you can contact me at

How is the Sun Tribe going to look like here at Delta del Ebro?

We are going to be offering 12h camps to each girl, where we are going to teach kitesurfing at the beach. We start with simple exercises on the beach to learn how to move and control the kite, the security systems and then we will practice those skills in the water: using the kite to drag ourselves in the water without the board and then with the board, that is the funnest part and where everyone gets hooked!

This is a social project where you offer your skills as a kitesurf instructor but how do you finance the other expenses like gear?

We are always looking for sponsorships and now we are glad to say we have the support of few organizations. One is a caribbean kitesurfing brand called Tona. You can find them at This is an amazing team who believes in our project and is supporting us with the donation of three fantastic Tona Eden kitesurf boards. Another sponsor we have is IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization), an organization that promotes and develops safety on kitesurfing practices and certifies kitesurf instructors and who is providing us technical material.

We are also very glad to say we have the support from the kitesurf school Deltakitesup that is helping us with logistics and to spread the word of our project. At last but not the least important, we count with the social services from the two locations of Deltebre and Sant Carles de la Ràpita, who are helping us to select the students. To cover other needs like insurance for our students or transport we have an online platform where anyone can donate money to Sun Tribe just with one click at

Where can we find your blog?

We are at but also on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Vimeo… we try to be everywhere!

Did we forget something to say?

Yes! It is very important to say that we don’t want just to teach kitesurfing. We want to show a different lifestyle to those girls, a healthy and active lifestyle. We also want to help the girls to develop self confidence. Learning to kitesurf requires the mastering of many skills, each one leading to an opportunity for success for these girls, and to an understanding that they are able to do more than they might expect. We use kitesurfing as a tool to reinforce the idea of having a dream and fighting to make it a reality.

It is a good philosophy, now you made me want to learn kitesurf and go to Barbados!

This means we are doing a good job! Come and learn with us this summer, we are very ready to have fun at the beach!

Thank you Andrea and good wind!

If you want to hear the whole interview you can find it here: 

I think if you ask my friends they might say I am a happy, spontaneous and outgoing kitesurfer. My family would describe me more as a laid back and relaxed person, probably stubborn too. My co-workers might think I am fortunate, passionate and maybe a bit crazy. I see myself as an adventurous, playful, confident and a life lover spirit.

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