Sun Tribe: What Happens When You Share a Passion? Sun Tribe

ST Teaching Passion4 16-6-16I am sure you can remember someone that for some reason made a difference in your life. Remember that passionate teacher who made you love a subject that you never paid attention to before? Or that coach that became the reason to get you into a sport? Or a youth leader who inspired you to enjoy an outdoor activity to the point that it became your hobby? Do you remember how that influenced the decisions that you made after? Maybe you found your career, or joined a sports team, or became part of a new social community. Probably it was because that person was passionate about whatever he or she was teaching. Here is where Sun Tribe finds its reason to be: becoming the influence for the young female generation to help challenge themselves through a sport, while empowering them to overcome physical and mental barriers that may be holding them back in other aspects of their lives.

ST Teaching Passion5 16-6-16But passion is not the only ingredient to make the difference in someone’s life. You also need to be a role model. When your role model teaches you his or her passion, the possibility to adopt this passion and turn it into a talent becomes a much bigger reality. Being the kitesurfing instructor for Sun Tribe makes it possible to become a potential role model for girls, transmitting the magic of the sport of kitesurfing from woman to woman.

Role models are essential in our lives, especially during teenage years as it is when we are defining our personality. Sun Tribe is created to offer role models to young unprivileged women between 16 and 21 years old. But not any kind of role model! Happy and healthy kitesurfing women who embrace every challenge with confidence. A kind of role model who teaches them to live a healthy lifestyle, strengthen their bodies and their self-confidence.

ST Teaching Passion3 16-6-16As one of my kitesurfing instructors said, ‘teaching kitesurfing is not working, it feels like playing’. You can only say that if you are passionate about kitesurfing. And how great is it to transmit this to others! Sun Tribe teaches kitesurfing in a positive atmosphere, where the happiness is contagious. The fun is assured and an uplifting attitude will push the students to overcome challenges, which maybe at first, might feel unreachable to them.

Sun Tribe is like a passion factory. We show girls how it looks and feels when you truly love your life, having the power to do what you like, with the responsibility of respecting nature and others. Passion is the fuel that can move oceans. Sun Tribe wants to provide the momentum for a new generation of happy and healthy kitesurfing women. Bringing the sport of kitesurfing to their lives to empower them to believe in themselves, use their bodies actively in a sport, and learn to trust in their abilities.

To share our passion, we need your support to assist with basic costs of bringing the sport to these girls. Visit our outreach campaign at to contribute!

I think if you ask my friends they might say I am a happy, spontaneous and outgoing kitesurfer. My family would describe me more as a laid back and relaxed person, probably stubborn too. My co-workers might think I am fortunate, passionate and maybe a bit crazy. I see myself as an adventurous, playful, confident and a life lover spirit.

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