Ready for Change – 5 Life Lessons KiteSirens Taught Me Guest Team / Lifestyle

Radical change is something that I love about life. It can be so freeing to completely let go of your existing circumstance, and follow whatever life is calling you to do. It’s a rebirth phase of starting anew, like you’ve been gifted a blank canvas from the universe with note saying, ‘what will you create now?’. Not having the answers can be scary, but the anticipation of ‘what’s next’ can also feel purely electrifying.

That’s not to say big changes come easy. Not at all, in fact. Maybe you’re letting go of a stable job that supports your family and starting your own business. Maybe you’re leaving a partner you once thought you would marry, or perhaps did. Or maybe you’re ending friendships that no longer serve you or walking away from situations you’ve outgrown. Regardless, the process of contemplating what ifs, accepting realities and just letting go can be hard. (Read one of my favorite posts, all about letting go:

Accepting Change and Saying Goodbye 

But here’s the great news: those tough choices serve your growth. They’ve certainly served mine. Recently, my life was steering me away from KiteSirens. As I came to terms with that, I was swept up in a tornado of emotions. Since its inception, KiteSirens had been a big part of my life. And while I clung to the idea that I could make it work, everything suggested otherwise. I needed to accept that my path was elsewhere, and surrender.

So, this blog is my last post. I am officially saying goodbye to KiteSirens as an intricate part of the business, brand and its future. I’ll always be their number-one fan, and remain in awe of the magic that Andrea, Carolina and myself started one wild night in Barbados and of the crazy ride it’s been. I’ll also always be a huge supporter of all the creative, intelligent, strong, and talented women who empower and inspire others through action. Just watch, more great things are on the way from these two KiteSirens.

What I’ve Learned from Being Part of KiteSirens

That said, I’d like to leave you with a few nuggets of wisdom that I learned (and re-learned) on this part of my journey:

1. Starting a business or blog is hard. But not impossible.

If you want to start your own business or share your own experiences through a blog, you just need time and commitment to learn, and lots (and lots) of patience. Take the leap, it’ll be worth it.

(Oh, and having some really generous cheerleaders in your corner can give you a serious head-start… I’m looking at you: Andre Williams, Ian Nicholls, Bajan Cherry, Tona, IKO International, and all the local and international kiters and non-kiters that have been cheering us on since the beginning. Thank you.)

2. It’s okay to put yourself out there more often.

Each one of us is wildly different and beautiful and we all have something to contribute to this world. Don’t be scared, just be brave enough to be you.

3. It’s okay to change your mind.

We make most of our decisions based on where we are and what we know at that point in time. So just because you once felt strongly about an opinion or you went down one path, doesn’t mean you can’t take another. Life is about change; embrace it.

4. There are no failures.

Every experience you have is leading you closer to that relationship, that career, that place on earth, or in kitesurfing, to landing that next trick or reaching that next level of progression. Whatever your heart is craving, see each attempt as a stepping stone to something even more amazing because it likely is.

5. Finally, obviously… kitesurfing is an incredible sport!

Yes, learning to kitesurf will challenge every part of who you are. But it will also help you reconnect with yourself in a deeper way, introduce you to life-long friendships with amazing souls and encourage you to visit so many beautiful places in the world. So, get our there already! I promise you, you can and you will, if you try.

What’s Next for Me?

I’m working on that. I assure you however that this likely won’t be the last time you hear from me. My adventures in kitesurfing and around the world are certainly not over, and I am eagerly diving into new experiences that are closer to my heart. KiteSirens was a launch pad into another exciting beginning for me, and for that, I’ll always be grateful.

Love and light (and plenty kitesurfing!) to you all. Goodbye.

Fiercely independent sun-seeker who enjoys challenging status-quo living. Committed to quenching an endless thirst for knowledge and beauty in this world, ticking each new experience off one at a time. Seduced by words thoughtfully woven together. Breathing for now, with an open mind, a wild heart, ready for whatever comes next. Find her on instagram @lifeofkellyb