Planning for No Wind Days on Your Kitesurfing Trip Barbados / Destinations

Having to deal with no kiting days on a kitesurfing trip is sometimes inevitable. It can feel utterly disappointing when you pack up all your gear and fly over to some amazing kitesurfing destination, only to be told that conditions are off. Even if you plan a kitesurfing trip to Tarifa during the height of the kitesurfing season, or come to Barbados to kitesurf during the winter months, conditions may be too weak or too wild to kitesurf safely.

As kitesurfers, we come to understand that it’s just part of the game. We can’t control mother nature. However, we can ensure some level of excitement on a kitesurfing trip by factoring in other activities. Here are some examples of no-wind-friendly destinations below:

Kitesurfing Trip in Barbados and the Caribbean

Kitesurfing Trip in Barbados

If you’re still deciding if your next kitesurf trip will be in the Caribbean, check out this blog and book your flight. If you have been to Barbados or any other Caribbean destination for a kitesurfing trip, you already know there’s plenty to do on those no-wind days. For example, Barbados is an action-packed watersports destination. If there’s no wind one day, you can spend it paddle boarding with our friend Ryan Rodriguez from What’ SUP Barbados.

paddle boarding what' SUP Barbados

Sunset paddle in Barbados with What’ SUP Barbados.

Or you can try jetblading, surfing, diving or snorkeling with turtles. You can also rent a car or book an island day tour. Each coast has its own unique personality and offers numerous sightseeing spots and activities. Catamaran or boat cruises in Barbados are also quite popular, offering a fun day at sea and different vantage of this beautiful Caribbean paradise.

Kitesurfing Trip in Bali, Indonesia

Kitesurfing in Bali was a dream come true for me. However, it just so happened that the wind was very light. The blessing in disguise was that Bali is full of amazing new experiences and activities that will keep any travel adventurer busy. One day, we went rappelling down waterfalls through the jungles of Bali. It was an experience of a lifetime, one I would have potentially missed if kitesurfing had consumed my thoughts.

Canyoning in Bali, Indonesia

Canyoning, aka, rappelling down waterfalls in Bali with Adventure & Spirit.

Another day, we hiked to the top of an active volcano, Mount Batur, to watch the sun rise. Later that afternoon, we took a high-speed bike ride through villages, rice fields and jungles, and capped it all of with a delicious Balinese meal and a massage. From exploring on a motorbike and visiting temples, to wake parks and deep-sea diving, there are many exciting activities in Bali, Indonesia.

Kitesurfing Trip in Spain

To launch of our non-profit initiative, Sun Tribe, Spain was the ideal destination for many reasons. Firstly, it’s a kitesurfing mecca. And secondly, destinations like Tarifa, La Manga and Delta gave our team options for non-kitetable days. In Tarifa, when 40-knot winds become too risky to head out, many will resort to long-boarding or hiking nearby mountains. The sunsets from the top are drool-worthy. In La Manga, sea lovers are in for a treat as it’s recognized as an international marine reserve, and considered the ideal spot for snorkeling, diving and paddle boarding.

Paddle boarding in Delta, Spain

Sun Tribe girls in Delta leaning the basics of paddle boarding with Mestalkite.

In Delta, bike riding and power paragliding are common must-try activities. While the Sun Tribe girls made strides exploring ocean life with kiteboarding, paddle boarding and snorkeling, others can get adrenaline kicks from the more adventurous activities. Check out all the Sun Tribe articles here.

Plan Your Kitesurfing Trip Itinerary

When you plan a kitesurfing trip, considering the windiest season should deliver the stoke you’re craving. But just in case it falls a little short, it’s nice to know there are other thrills nearby. Next time you plan your kitesurfing trip, research the destination and plan to have a few back-up activities lined up. It will lessen any disappointment that mother nature throws your way, and introduce you to some potentially amazing new experiences.

Kitesurf Beach in Barbados

If you’re planning a kitesurfing trip to Barbados or the Caribbean, send us a quick message. We’re always happy to share our favorites activities for fun in the sun.

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