Michelle Obama Can Kitesurf Too! Lifestyle

Just few days ago Richard Branson published a blog, ‘Richard vs Barack – kiteboard and foilboard challenge’, where he shared the kitesurfing adventures he had with Barack Obama during their holidays together with Michelle Obama in the Caribbean. If I say Michelle Obama can kitesurf too, what would you think?

As a female kitesurfer specialized in empowering women through the sport of kitesurfing, I can’t help but to think about what Michelle Obama was doing while her husband was learning to kitesurf. Was she learning too? If not, why? Was it because maybe she thought she couldn’t do it? Or because of lack of interest?

Michelle Obama has been working hard during the last years on promoting healthy habits. She started the program ‘Let’s Move’ to help families and children adopt a healthy lifestyle. She focused her energies on stopping children’s obesity by promoting physical activities and a healthy diet. She also promotes outdoor activities through ‘Let’s Move! Outside’, recognizing the benefits of exercising in direct contact with nature and encouraging families and children to enjoy water sports. I can’t stop myself from thinking how powerful it would have been to have Michelle Obama learning to kitesurf with her husband, showing the world that she can do it too!

I have observed before how some men learn to kitesurf while their girlfriends watch from the beach, thinking is too hard to learn for them because they are not fit enough or because they are afraid of the kite and the water. Some of them are brave enough to decide to learn anyways. Many times after teaching girls like them I hear them saying: ‘I can do it!’, ‘you don’t use the strength of your arms to kite’. You don’t have to be super fit to learn to kitersurf, or be an excellent swimmer. You just have to commit and prove to yourself that you can do it! Read our blog ‘The One Lie That Stops You From Kitesurfing’ to learn more.

So with that said, here is a message for all girls who might think that they can’t kite: If Barack Obama did it, you can do it too! 🙂

I think if you ask my friends they might say I am a happy, spontaneous and outgoing kitesurfer. My family would describe me more as a laid back and relaxed person, probably stubborn too. My co-workers might think I am fortunate, passionate and maybe a bit crazy. I see myself as an adventurous, playful, confident and a life lover spirit.