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Long Beach Barbados kitesurfing spot is, together with Silver Rock Beach, one of the best on the island.

kitesirens long beach barbados

Overview of Long Beach Barbados

· Located on the southeast coast of Barbados (East of Silver Rock Beach)

· Long and wild beach, with just white sand and palm trees

· 1,5 km long 

· Deep water

· Enough space to safely land and launch your kite

· Limited by a cliff on the east side and rocks at the west side

· You can park your car at the top of the beach (by the cliff), in the middle (under the forest) or at the bottom (at the neighbourhood).

· Nice places to picnic in the shade on the east side and watch the fun

kitesirens long beach barbados

The Waves at Long Beach Barbados

· Cleanest waves when the wind is NE and middle tide

· Depth: 0.5m on the shore to 3m out

· Tight, fast and intense waves

· Open ocean so the water is choppy

· Big shore break with south swell and high tide

· Reef located around 100m far from the beach

· On a good day: Overhead waves at the reef, head high waves close to the shore

· On an OK day: Head high waves at the reef, knee to head high waves close to the shore

· Left and right hand waves

· South swells are the most common

· Very fun waves on the west side of the beach.To enjoy them you need to know how to make it over the lip on the shore and then gybe back out quickly before crashing into the beach.

· At the bottom of the beach (east) is less wavy.

kitesirens long beach barbados

The Wind at Long Beach Barbados

· Predominant direction: N-NNE winds (Side, side-on)

· Intensity: 15 to 30 knots

· Consistent Trade Winds

Where to Stay close to Long Beach Barbados

· Ocean Spray Beach Apartments: Walking distance from Long Beach! And 2-minute drive from Silver Rock, amazing food, yoga paradise, right in front of the most famous wave-surf break, Surfers Point and the home base of our kitesurf school Kitesurf Intl Barbados

When To Go to Long Beach Barbados

· Except from August to October, Barbados is an all-year-round windy destination thanks to the trade winds!

· December to February: Best waves and stronger wind.

· June: Awesome wind. The entire beach is just for you! 🙂

Do It Like a Local!

· Try not to leave valuables in the car or on the beach without anybody watching. Since the beach is isolated it is easy for someone to take your things without being seen!

· Do a downwinder! Start at the top of the beach and kite to Silver Rock, stopping at Surfers Point to ride the waves!

· Land and launch your kite by the ocean to avoid the gusts created by the rocks and dunes

· Go strapless!

· Don’t go in the reef if you don’t feel confident enough

· Avoid flying your kite close to the upwind rocks or the dunes as it’s gusty

· Ask the locals for advice

· Benice to others and have fun!

The Rescue Situation at Long Beach Barbados

In case you drift downwind…

· Because the beach is long, if you are practicing to go upwind you can just start at the top and you will have plenty of space to drift downwind safely.

· Rescues are rare as the wind is hardly ever offshore

· If you drift downwind passing the west rocks of Long Beach your first rescue stop is going to be Surfers Point Beach. There is a big wind shadow at the beach and is normally wavy not the easiest rescue. If you miss this stop you will end up at Silver Rock Beach, where the conditions are easier to reach the beach.

· There are no rescue boats or life guards at the beach. The locals won’t be around to rescue you gear either, unless it drifts towards Silver Rock Beach.

· The current can be quite strong, pulling you either to the East or West. It gets stronger by the rocks at the West of the beach. Water start at least 200m far from the rocks.

· In the middle of the beach there is an area with a lot of current and waves coming from all directions. Avoid this area!

Long Beach Barbados is Perfect For…

· Kitesurfing without crowds

· Kitesurfing when the wind at Silver Rock Beach is offshore

· First kitesurfing lessons

· Learn to surf little rollers close to the shore

kitesirens long beach barbados

Gear Needed at Long Beach Barbados

6m to 12m kitesurf kites

The kitesurf school

Check out our kitesurf school Kitesurf Intl Barbados! We are located at Ocean Spray Beach Apartments, right next to Long Beach!

Get in Touch

For more information about kitesurfing in Barbados, please contact us at We will be very happy to help you out! 🙂

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  1. This spots sounds pretty attractive and perfect for wave riding 🙂

    Does Barbados have some flat spots for freestyle ?

    Thanks in advance

    • KiteSirens Says: August 30, 2018 at 1:51 pm

      Hello Simone,
      Thanks for reaching us!
      Barbados is a paradise for wave riding. The waves are pumping almost all season, where we normally have choppy water and the reef with the waves. There are some flat water spots where you can only go when the wind blows south east, which is not very common. However, many people enjoy freestyle with the chop and is gives you nice pops to play with! Let us know if you have any other questions 🙂

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