Kiting is not Just a Sport, It’s My Lifestyle Lifestyle

It didn’t take much debating when choosing my topic to kick-off the launch of KiteSirens. Kiting represents much more than a sport to me and currently takes center stage in my daily experiences. This is the story of how it changed my lifestyle.

The first time I saw someone kiteboarding was during a bike ride over the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, in October 2012. It was a beautiful day filled with unforgettable memories, and I remember taking a break mid-way through the bridge to enjoy the views and really appreciate the moment. As I looked down onto the water, I saw someone approaching the bridge while kiting and I was taken over by an immense sense of freedom. For those few seconds, I closed my eyes and became submerged in my thoughts as I tried to imagine myself in their situation. From that moment I was completely blown away by the sport, but at no time did I think that I could ever be in that position…

Learning to kitesurf has been a bitter-sweet experience where I have discovered different aspects of myself, including character strengths and weaknesses that I had not recognized previously in my everyday life. These realizations have allowed me to let go of trivial things, focusing more on myself and how I can improve traits that do not serve me positively. I have been able to find authenticity and create a greater connection with nature. This has led me to be more appreciative of the beauty of life. I have learned that I have the power to fill my days with growth and positive experiences.

Kiting has taught me balance, confidence, simplicity, patience and determination. It has provided me with a passion that I could not imagine myself without. My life currently revolves around wind forecasts, great supportive kiting groups and genuine experiences filled with adrenaline, nervousness, “OH F***!!!” moments, white foam (wave) running, and absolutely amazing sunset sessions.

I no longer think about what to wear, or who to impress. I take each day as it comes and focus my energy on building my strengths, becoming a more balanced individual and living a non-materialistic, minimalist lifestyle.

Has kitesurfing added value to your life? Take a moment to tell us about it below. Let’s share the magic!


I thrive on challenges, am addicted to adrenaline, in love with adventure and inspired by simple pleasures. Authenticity is my core value.


  1. Ann-Marie Leach Says: April 19, 2016 at 7:47 pm

    Amazing talent!!! Your girls rock!!

  2. Looks like an awesome time and a great lifestyle!! Have seen this done on the beach even out here in Brooklyn. Have to give this a try!! So great, best of luck ladies ????

  3. Amazing and nice debriefing !
    Kiteboarding is also for me more than just a sport, it’s a source of inspiration for me who am also an artist. I have discover kitesurfing in 1999 and I have always the same passion ! Each session is different, it is always a new adventure !
    Cheers from France ! 🙂

    • KiteSirens Says: July 28, 2017 at 12:26 pm

      Thanks for reaching out Arnone! It’s very true, every session is different and teaches you something new. I could imagine that as an artist you must get a lot of inspiration from it as well 😉

  4. It’s refreshing to see such a positive outlook on life/kiteing.. I started kiteing in the early days of 2 line Wipika Classic and no kite schools just loads of determination. Today my life revolves around kiteboarding to the point that I live on my catamaran offering kite trips all over the world…

  5. Thanks for your comment Steve! Kitesurfing is definitely a sport easy to get passionate about. So happy to hear you are one more on the community of kitesurf addicts! What is the name of your business? We are always interested in kite trips! :9

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