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If you were able to catch the release of the most epic kitesurfing movie, Chapter One, then you’ve probably been inspired to plan your next kitesurfing trip. But where to go? Among the many destinations featured in the film such as Hawaii, Indonesia, and South Africa, the British Virgin Islands stole my heart. Simply put, kitesurfing in the Caribbean rocks.

Seeing business mogul, Richard Branson, kitesurf off his luxury private island, Necker Island, was awe-inspiring. There’s just something about kitesurfing in the Caribbean that very few people understand until they experience it for themselves. Every time I travel and come back to Barbados to kitesurf, I’m reminded how lucky we really are. So if you’re contemplating what kitesurfing destination to hit next, here are three reasons why kitesurfing in Caribbean should be checked off your list.

1. No Wetsuits Required When You Kitesurf in the Caribbean

Kitesurfing in the Caribbean with Tona boards in Barbados

Tona is a Caribbean brand, and we’re in love with their Tona Eden board.

When it’s cold, but the conditions are awesome, you do what you have to do– put on the wetsuit. But let’s get real, no one really likes wearing a wetsuit. Kitesurfing in the Caribbean offers you that one MEGA plus– wear anything you want, or nothing at all. From skimpy bikinis to board shorts and tanks, you wear what feels comfortable. The only protection you need is from the sun, so lather on sunscreen (and re-apply regularly!) or cover up with light rashies and t-shirts. All-year warm water makes kitesurfing in the Caribbean unbeatable.

2. Steady Trade Winds Guarantee Great Kitesurfing in the Caribbean

Kitesurfing in the Caribbean

Silver Sands, the kite beach in Barbados during winter months. Photo credit: Andre Williams Photography.

The Caribbean is a sweet spot for kitesurfing because of a pattern of easterly surface winds that prevail in the tropics. In Barbados and many other Caribbean islands such as Tobago, Antigua, St-Vincent and the Grenadines, Dominican Republic, and others nearby, these trade winds pick up considerably in the winter months. We get a consistent dose of steady 15 to 20-knot wind during those colder, snowier months up north. So that makes it win-win for all those who come kitesurfing in the Caribbean. Trade your boots in for sandals, and come down for no-wetsuit water and consistently great kitesurfing sessions.

3. Tropical Scenery and Vibes Are Abundant in the Caribbean


English Harbour in Beautiful Antigua. Who wouldn’t want to kite here? Photo Credit: Mike Evans Photography

While every island will offer you different kitesurfing conditions and a unique Caribbean vibe, there’s one thing you’re promised across all– picture-perfect, turquoise blue oceans and white sand beaches that will take your breath away. Swaying palm trees, and lush green landscapes greet you on shore after each kitesurfing session. And so do friendly locals who often ask: ‘Fresh coconut water anyone?’ And if that’s not enough to entice you to kitesurf in the Caribbean, beautiful ocean creatures like the sea turtles in Barbados play alongside you, sharing in the immense sense of freedom that comes from riding the tides.

Book Your Next Kitesurfing Trip in the Caribbean

Kitesurfing in Barbados Chilling with BeersWith the winter season fast-approaching, now’s the time to start planning your kitesurfing trip in the Caribbean. If you’re interested in Barbados, drop us line. We’re always happy to help with any arrangements or offer you a few pointers.

If you’re looking to kitesurf in other Caribbean islands, we can put you in touch with the right people there too. No matter, kitesurfing in the Caribbean is an adventure that will keep you coming back for more.

And if you don’t agree, beers are on us.

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