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Kitesurfing in Peniche, Portugal, is an experience you can’t miss! Raw nature, simple beauty, uncrowded beaches, crystal clear water, waves with the power of the Atlantic and of course, Supertubos! The perfect place to enjoy the elements we like: wind and waves.

I discovered Peniche a year ago, and I completely felt in love with it. It is a little surf town one hour north driving from Lisbon that has everything a surfer could ask for. It is located on a little peninsula that exposes the surf and kite spots to almost all swell and wind directions. There is always a great wave to catch paddling or kiting!

During my visits at Peniche I got obsessed with kitesurfing at Supertubos, the famous surf break. The waves get crazy big and there is so much energy moving in the water its addicting. The weekend I was there I managed to film some clips from one of the kite sessions on a very small and chill day at Supertubos. There are also some images of driving into Baleal island, surfing in Baleal and surf checks at Almagreira.

The main kitesurfing spot in Peniche is Gamboa Beach, right next to the center of the town. There you will find the kitesurf school Peniche Kite and Surf Center. Baleal beach, Praia do Cerro, Meio da Baia and Molhe Leste are the other places to kite in Peniche. Southern or Northern winds are the predominant in Peniche.

With southern winds people come to Peniche from all over the place as the options to kite and windsurf are many: Praia do Gamboa, Praia do Cerro, Meio da Baia, Baleal, Supertubos and Molhe Leste. The northern winds are also really good  and constant, usually stronger and followed up by a swell. Baleal and Praia do Gamboa are the best option with north winds. However, for those more experienced who can handle side off to off shore winds Supertubos and Molhe Leste is a good option too. Spring is the best time to go and kite as the wind is more constant and it starts to be warmer.

There is no way I managed to show with the video even half of the beauty and magic of this place but I will definitely go back for some more kitesurfing in Peniche!

If you would like to go you can contact us at and we will be happy to point to on the right direction!
Happy kiting!


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