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It’s a new year, and with that comes new intentions, goals and adventures! Whether it’s about saving for a big-ticket trip, improving relationships or planning career moves, setting annual objectives is an important part of our self-growth and well-being. It’s the time of the year where we check-in with ourselves and really hone in on what we want to do over the next 12 months, and ultimately who we want to become. So, this year, as you sit down to think through your ambitions and intentions, consider adding one more column for your kitesurfing goals.

Whether you’re just curious about the sport, still learning to master kitesurfing upwind, or transitioning to strapless kitesurfing, setting kitesurfing goals will become important as you take the next step in your kitesurfing progression. And to help makes things a little easier, here are three simple questions that can help you commit and achieve your kitesurfing goals.

What Are My Kitesurfing Goals and Which One Will I Focus on This Year?

So this one is a little obvious, but really— what’s on your to-master list? Maybe you’re just starting out and just want to get up and be steady on the board; or maybe you’re like me, on the verge of breaking through upwind riding and ready to learn transitions. Or perhaps you’re more advanced, and want to learn backrolls or strapless kitesurfing. Other kitesurfing goals can include visiting destinations like kitesurfing in the Caribbean, committing to at-home kitesurfing workout, or becoming an IKO-certified kitesurfing instructor. Who knows, maybe you want to do it all. We can have many kitesurfing goals, so write them all down. But after you do, take some time to really identify one kitesurfing goal that means the most to you; one, that at the end of the year, will make you most proud. It’s with focus and commitment that you will be able to achieve your most ambitious kitesurfing goals.

Kitesurfing Goals

What Are You Willing to Do to Reach Your Kitesurfing Goals?

It’s great to set intentions and identify our kitesurfing goals, but like anything in life, we need a plan to make it happen. Once you know exactly what you are setting out to achieve, how are you going to reach your goals? What sacrifices might you need to make to get there? One thing that I learned over the course of my kitesurfing progression was how important consistency would be in my training. Muscle memory is powerful thing, and the more your practice, the better you get. But maybe having on-demand access to windy weather is not possible for you right now. Will you need to plan a kitesurfing trip, or save up for some lessons? Perhaps you need to find a kitesurfing buddy who can hold you accountable to your goals and help give you some pointers? Understanding what commitments you need to make to reach your kitesurfing goals will keep you on track to achieving them.

What Can You Do to Stay Positive When Things Get Hard?

No matter what your kitesurfing goals are, it won’t always be a walk in the park. You’ll probably have great days, and the ‘why-is-this-so-challenging-i-just-want-to-give-up’ days. So, as we set intentions, we can also anticipate those moments and identify a few things to keep us positive. For one, try sharing your goals with supportive friends who have been through your progression. When things get hard, they’ll be the best source for support and motivation. If you really feel stuck, consider taking a few lessons with an IKO-certified instructor. It’s always helpful to get some one-on-one time with an expert who can point out your do’s and don’ts. I’m also reading articles and watching videos from Progression Sports to master my kitesurfing goals; it just never hurts to study.

Lastly, be kind to yourself. Know that moments of frustration and failure always pass, and that our attitude towards our experiences on the water has a lot to do with the outcome. Give yourself the encouragement and praise that you deserve, even when things might not go as planned. Your inner coach will always carry you to victory.

What Are Your Kitesurfing Goals for 2017?

So, what’s on your list this year? What kind of kitesurfer do you want to be by the time the clock strikes 2018? Leave us a comment and let us know what kitesurfing goals you are working on this year. And if you have any other tips that help keep you on track, please share them! Other readers will certainly benefit from your tips and to-dos. Wishing you all an amazing 2017 and happy shredding!

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