10 Reasons to Take a Kitesurf Catamaran Cruise Destinations / From the Water

Kitesurfing is more than just a sport. It’s an opportunity to travel and discover some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world. It’s the freedom to connect with nature, and unspoiled environments in ways that stir your soul and awaken your every sense. That’s why I recently jumped at the chance to spend one glorious kitesurfing week with Zenith Ocean Voyages, a kitesurf catamaran cruise sailing around Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

Simply put, the experience was exhilarating. Without hesitation (and as long as my bank account allows), I would gladly hop aboard again. Here are the top 10 reasons why a booking kitesurf catamaran cruise in the Caribbean is the best money you’ll ever spend.

1. Beautiful Kite Spots for All Levels of Kitesurfers

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is made up of one main island and a chain of many smaller islands. While Union Island is a popular kitesurf spot, there are many more kitesurf locations nearby that are accessible by boat. From the flat-water riding near Frigate Island to the wavier spots like Mayreau Island, a kitesurf catamaran cruise gives you access to various levels of fun.

kitesurf catamaran cruise

2. Wind, Sun and Fun

If you travel to the Caribbean during peak season, usually December through to May, the wind *should be cranking. Every morning in the Grenadines, we had 30-degree sunshine and wind speed clocking 16-24 knots. All right there, from the bow of Meercat.

kitesurf catamaran cruise

3. Progression with the Safety of a Nearby Rescue Dinghy

Being aboard a boat means a rescue dinghy is always available when things go south. Personally, this put my fears of kitesurfing in a new location at ease. I felt comfortable and confident that no matter what happened, I was always safe with the boat nearby.

kitesurf catamaran cruise

4. Learning Boat Launches

Safely launching a kite from land can be challenging depending on the location and conditions, but also quite straightforward. On a boat, things are far more complex. While taking a kitesurfing catamaran cruise introduces you to many new experiences, learning how to safely launch a kite from a boat was high on my list of favourites.

kitesurf catamaran cruise

5. Downwinders with the Catamaran

One magical windy day, we launched our kites from the boat and kitesurfed from the Tobago Cays to Mayreau Island. The boat sailed with us, and other boats looked on, as a team of five kitesurfers played in the open ocean on our way to join other kiters near shore.

kitesurf catamaran cruise

6. Boating Is Part of the Adventure

As kitesurfers, being on the water is second nature. So, just imagine the exhilaration of spending a morning motoring around beautiful Caribbean islands in search of your next kitesurfing spot. While we never had to go too far, navigating to our next destination was equally as exciting as finding anchorage and sussing out new kitesurfing conditions.

kitesurf catamaran cruise

7. Unbeatable Afternoon Naps

When you take a kitesurf catamaran cruise, naps between sessions become part of the daily routine. It goes something like: eat, kite, eat, nap, kite, eat, sleep, repeat. But when your napping quarters are literally at the doorstep of your kite spot, and the slow rocking of the boat lulls you to sleep; it’s all glorious.

kitesurf catamaran cruise

8. Every Meal Was Impeccably Delicious

At one point on the kitesurf catamaran cruise, I could not decide whether we were enjoying the kitesurfing or culinary experience more. Hats off to Chef Lauren aboard the Meercat who prepared homemade carrot roulade, mouth-watering lamb shanks, five-star seafood paella, extravagant desserts and the list goes on. My personal favorite was the freshly-caught and grilled Caribbean lobster, courtesy of Captain Ged.

kitesurf catamaran cruise

9. Meeting New Friends Onboard and at Every Stop

The real beauty of taking a kitesurf catamaran trip is the people you meet along the way. Onboard, we were spoiled to have an amazing kitesurfing family join us. We talked about our sessions, gear, destinations, progression, tricks, experiences, conditions, and laughed plenty in between. Even at the different kitesurfing spots, we met fellow kiters who quickly became our friends. Here’s hoping we’ll see them all again on another awesome trip!

kitesurf catamaran cruise

10. Exploring Remote Islands in the Caribbean

The Caribbean is vast and beautiful, and some islands and destinations are only accessible by boat. Reaching those remote kitesurfing spots or exploring the untouched beauty of distant islands is probably one of the best reasons to take a kitesurf catamaran cruise. Even on no-wind days, adventures like hiking, snorkeling, paddle boarding, and meeting locals make the experience unlike any other.

kitesurf catamaran cruise

Kitesurf Catamaran Cruise – What’s Your Experience Been Like?

This was my first experience on a kitesurf catamaran cruise, and we chose Zenith Ocean Voyages based on availability and location of the cruise. As a kiter and sailor, Captain Ged has been hosting kitesurfing trips aboard his vessel, Meercat, a 44ft Fontaine Pajot, since 2009. His experience goes a long way in making sure everything is well-planned and guests are both safe and happy.

However, there are many other kitesurf catamaran cruises in the Caribbean and all over the world. If you’ve tried a kitesurf catamaran experience before, drop us a line and tell us about it! Where did you go and what did you love most?

More to Come on the Kitesurf Catamaran Cruise

Meanwhile, stay tuned for part two of this kitesurf catamaran cruise where I will share more details on each kiting location in the Grenadines, namely Union Island, Frigate Island, Mayreau Island, and Tobago Cays, and a video compilation of the entire experience!

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    • Hi Alfredo! Thanks for your kind words. Always nice to hear from our readers. 🙂 And so true, it does open up a new world of possibilities!! Loved every minute of the experience, and hope to do more one day. Good luck with your project, sounds awesome. And keep us posted when you do make it a reality!

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