Kitesurf in Barbados: Silver Rock Beach Destinations / Tips & Tricks

Kitesurfing Barbados, two words that must be together! So let me introduce you to our favourite kitesurfing spot in Barbados: Silver Rock Beach. You can also check Long Beach, the other favourite spot in Barbados!


Overview of Silver Rock Beach

· Located on the southeast coast of Barbados

· White sand beach

· 300 meters long (long enough to be safe on light wind days)

· Enough space to safely land and launch your kite

· Limited by rocks both east and west of landing and launching sites

kitesirens barbados silver rock

The Waves

· Reef located around 50 to 70m far from the beach

· On a good day: Double overhead waves at the reef

· On an OK day: knee to head high waves at the reef

· Small waves perfect for beginners close to the shore. Remember your right of way rules if you are surfing a wave on the shoreline you no longer have right of way. You have to give way to those entering the beach.

· Clean faces

· Left hand waves

· South swells are the most common

· Cleanest, glassier waves at low tide. More messy, choppier waves at high tide.

· Depth of the reef: Mid tide: 6ft; Low tide: 5ft; High tide: 7ft

 The Wind

· Predominant direction: N-NNE winds (Side, side-off)

· Intensity: 15 to 30 knots

· Consistent Trade Winds

· If the wind blows S-SE (on shore, side on): Do a downwinder!

· If the wind is offshore, go to Long Beach as the conditions might be better.


Where to Stay

· Ocean Spray Beach Apartments: 5-minute drive from Silver Rock, amazing food, yoga paradise, right in front of the most famous wave-surf break, Surfers Point and the base of our kite school Kitesurf Intl Barbados!

Kitesurf Break with Views of Silver Rock

Feeling fancy? Silver Point Hotel bar.

silver rock barbados kitesurf


Feeling for a local experience? London Bar (located right behind the Silver Rock, on opposite side of the road)

When To Go

· Except from August to October, Barbados is an all-year-round windy destination thanks to the trade winds!

· December to February: Best waves and stronger wind. But crowded!

· June: Awesome waves and wind. The entire beach is just for you! 🙂

Do It Like a Local!

· Land and launch your kite by the ocean to avoid the gusts created by the rocks and dunes

· Go strapless!

· Don’t go in the reef if you don’t feel confident enough

· Respect the rights of way: follow the right of way rules of the International Kiteboarding Organization. Also, share the waves with the other kiters and the windsurfers, and remember that windsurfers always have the right of way!

· Avoid flying your kite close to the upwind rocks or the dunes as it’s gusty

· Ask the locals for advice

· Be nice to others and have fun!

barbados silver rock kitesurf

The Rescue Situation

In case you drift downwind…

· There is current in between the beach and the reef that normally pulls you downwind.

· The current is stronger as you get close to the rocks at the west of the beach (downwind). So, if you find yourself there consider drifting to Silver Sands Beach instead of trying to reach Silver Rock too close to the rocks.

· Your first option will be Silver Sands Beach (after the rocks), where you have enough space to land your kite.

· Your second option will be Rescue Beach, where there is a small beach with just enough sand to land your kite. Perfect place to stop for a local beer at Surfer’s Bay beach bar!

· From both beaches you can walk back to Silver Rock.

· There are no rescue boats, but the locals will rescue your gear and return it to you. Be ready to pay a rescue fee!


Perfect For…

Wave riding, beginners and advanced.

barbados kitesurf silver rock

Gear Needed

6m to 12m kitesurf kites

Real-Time Forecast 

Buoy located at Silver Rock reef. The link isn’t working at the moment due to strong wind from the hurricanes that affected the region. Once it’s back up, we will share! 😉

You can also use Windguru since it’s pretty accurate.


There are public bathrooms and showers behind the dunes by the football field and park.

The kitesurf school

Check out our kitesurf school Kitesurf Intl Barbados! We are located at Ocean Spray Beach Apartments, right next to Long Beach!

Get in Touch

For more information about kitesurfing in Barbados, please contact us at We will be very happy to help you out! 🙂

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