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It’s the season! And we know that once we think about a girl and a Christmas list together we’re in trouble! So, let’s speed up our shopping by adding some salt to the mix. Here are 5 must-haves on a kite girl’s naughty or nice list.

Guys, if you have a girlfriend who kites, and especially if you are planning a winter trip to a sunny paradise, pay close attention! I may have just made your life a whole lot easier 😉

1. Board: Tona Eden

The Eden board is top on the Christmas list of priorities this season. It took me a while to learn to get up and riding, so it was a giant relief when I was introduced to the Tona Pop. I remember when I rode it for the first time the main thought on my mind was  “buttery smooth!”.

This got even better when I tried the Eden. It was like using a custom board! The Eden is very stable, and glides through chop easily. This is hands down a smart choice for all of us kite girls, independent of kiting level.


2. Cabrinha Switchblade 2017 Line

The Switchblade is my go-to kite! Very good all-round performance with great response, yet very forgiving. Whether you are learning or trying out new tricks, it’s a faithful sidekick that will help you progress and feel invincible on the water.

I’ve been getting on a strapless board recently and, although it has less drift than a wave kite, it still performs great. The Switchblade is the foundation of the Christmas list!

Cabrinha Switchblade Christmas List

3. Cabrinha H1 Footstraps

Footstraps!!! Wow, that can be a very sweet, or very bitter thought when talking about board straps for your kite board. As a kite girl with small feet, finding footstraps that fit nice and snug can be quite the challenge. This is further exacerbated when the velcro on straps don’t hold it together while edging off a wave or riding through chop.

The Cabrinha H1 straps are top on the must-have Christmas list if you’re looking for a comfortable and secure footing to get your groove on in the water! Take a look at a Girl’s Guide to Shopping for Kitesurfing Straps for more information on the H1s.

4. Swimwear Game Savers

As a girl who kites, discovering the right blend between comfort and looking decent is like hitting the jackpot! Kitesurfing in the Caribbean also forces you to consider swimwear that will cover you from intense sun rays while riding.

The Paddleboarder mermaid bodysuit has been my solution for combating the sun as well as riding comfortably. The material of the bodysuit has SPF protection and they have styles with long sleeves and short cuts. Say good bye to uneven sunburns and your swimsuit going undesirable places during wipe outs!

Paddleboarder Christmas List

If you want to wear a bikini between sessions, or for a short time on the water, Sensi Graves Bikinis is one of the brands I have tried that are safe for kitesurfing. I’d recommend the “Colleen Top”, for a safe water-start after a slam on the water. This cut tends to keep it together quite well, and allows for a decent tan during beach hangouts.

Christmas List Kitesurfing Bikinis

5. SeventyOne Percent Sunscreen: For the Caribbean Christmas List

This is a special goodie on the Christmas list if kitesurfing in tropical climates. Although we can wear hats and SPF clothes to protect us from harmful rays, we still need additional protection for uncovered areas such as our faces. SeventyOne Percent has been the most effective sunscreen I’ve tried that is paraben free and environmentally friendly.

Their products are waterproof and to make matters better, One percent of all purchases go towards the Surfrider Foundation. Protect your skin and add your grain of sand towards contributing to the preservation of our oceans and coasts.


Enjoy your Christmas shopping! If you have any items on the top of a kite girl Chrismas list, please feel free to share!

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