Kiteboarding in Costa Rica: 5 Reasons Why it’s a Paradise for an Eco-Adventure Destinations / Guest Team

Kiteboarding in Costa Rica is a paradise for the eco-adventurer. It may be the 3rd smallest country in Central America, but when it comes to nature, wildlife and eco-adventure there is a mind-boggling abundance.  Charmingly small, Costa Rica is an explosion of colorful nature and culture, filled with limitless adventure.

Costa Rica is one of the best tropical destinations for kiteboarders and adventure seekers. It is the perfect place for your next kiteboarding vacation and here’s why:

1. Kiteboarding in Costa Rica delivers consistent wind in a tropical setting

During season November to April the wind blows every day, all day!  Bahia Salinas is considered one of the windiest places in Central America.  Lake Arenal is one of the most beautiful and stunning locations you will ever have the pleasure to visit.

kiteboarding in Costa Rica Bahia Salinas

2. World class eco-adventures

Costa Rica is famous worldwide for eco-adventures, giving kiteboarding in Costa Rica a further plus!  A variety of habitats feature different terrains, varying climates, dry forests, rainforests, cloud forests, rivers, waterfalls, two oceans and tropical beaches. These all form the perfect setting for adventures in harmony with nature.

Costa Rica has established advanced policies surrounding sustainability, and is proudly, the only country to have achieved all five of the conditions named to meet the United Nations Global Development criteria for environmental sustainability. Furthermore, Costa Rica is working hard to become the 1st carbon-neutral country by 2021.

kiteboarding in Costa Rica

3. Wildlife

More than 25% of land in Costa Rica has a protected status.  Our small country is home to nearly 5% of the world’s species.  At Bahia Salinas, Isla Bolaños National Wildlife Refuge sits in the middle of the bay protecting some of the most important rookeries of the country.  How liberating to soar through the air with the local avifauna!

Arenal Volcano National Park is known for its delightful cloud forest hot springs, active volcano and wildlife. Jaguars, tree frogs and a galore of beautiful and colorful birds are all part of the wildlife thriving in this area. 

Kiteboarding in Costa Rica Isla Bolanos

4. Its people and the Pura Vida lifestyle

Costa Ricans, known locally as Ticos, are warm hearted and friendly people. Costa Rica consistently makes the top 15 on happiest countries in the world in the World Happiness Report.

Ticos live a laid back peaceful ‘Pura Vida’ lifestyle.  ‘Pura Vida’ literally translates to “pure life,” but it means so much more! ‘Pura Vida’ is representative of our culture, of living life to the fullest and enjoying the moment.  The phrase is used generously as a greeting, farewell, thank you or good wishes. It can also mean many things such as “full of life,” “this is the life or “going great!”.  It truly is our way of life.

Kiteboarding in Costa Rica

 5. Delicious and healthy eating

Enjoy and explore a burst of wondrous tropical fruit when kiteboarding in Costa Rica. The fruit come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes you couldn’t even imagine.  Typical Costa Rican meals are well-rounded for nutritional balance, and healthy for the active lifestyle.  A staple to our cuisine are black beans and rice. We eat for breakfast as “gallo pinto” with eggs and toast and with our typical meal the “casado”. This name refers to the eternal “marriage” of its components: rice, beans, meat or fish, fried plantain, vegetables and salad.

Learning kiteboarding in Costa Rica

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Kiteboarding in Costa Rica Meli GilMeli Gil

Melissa Gil is a professional kitesurfer, Kite Speed World Champion, Outright Women’s Speed Sailing Record Holder, marine biologist and co-owner of MG Surfline, waterwear for a plastic free Ocean.

Ever since she can remember Melissa has had a passion for the ocean and a deep love towards nature. Originally from Costa Rica, Melissa moved to Florida to go to college and pursue her dreams of understanding her favorite place, the ocean.  For the past 13 years, Melissa has been travelling the world as a professional kitesurfer alongside her career as a biologist and conservationist.

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