What Do Goats Have to Do with Kitesurfing Fashion? Health & Beauty

Absolutely nothing. On a recent island tour in Barbados, our amazing and talented friend and photographer, Andre Williams, caught this candid shot of me with the goat. We have a lot of beautiful goats in Barbados, and I’m an animal lover. I am also a girly girl, one that loves to wear dresses covered in flowers, frills or polka dots. I love my silver bangles that jingle as I move, and my white bucket hat that makes me feels oh-so cute every time I put it on to protect my face from the sun. If you saw this picture, would you think I am a kitesurfer? Probably not, but that’s my point.

KellyNorthPoint2Like most board sports, the kitesurfing community tends to lean toward an edgy, surfer style. And that totally makes sense, cause it’s an edgy water sport. And it’s not just a style, it’s a vibe built by a community of water and board sport brands that create products that fit and represent the lifestyle.  And while many that gravitate towards kitesurfing will also gravitate to cool-dude trucker hats, hand-knit beanies, square frame shades, washed out tanks and ripped shorts, I am not one of them.

NailPolishIONI am the girl that went looking for a rashguard and ended up buying the only one I could find with flowers all down the sleeves. I am the girl who will wear a frilly sun dress while I pump my kite. I am the girl that picked a bright orange nail polish during my last manicure to match my ION harness.

I am the eternal girly girl that happens to feel challenged and enthralled by learning to kitesurf. Ultimately whether you relate to the surfer vibes and edgy side of the sport, or not, your fashion preferences and the style that you identify with shouldn’t stop you from learning to kitesurf. There are all kinds of kitesurfers out there, from the tom boy, the outdoors fanatic, and the surfer turned kitesurfer, to the yogi, the 9-5 suit, and the daytime beach bum that trades in rundown flip flops for a rocking pair of stilettos on a Friday night.

Groove Beach2If you’re the girly girl like me, own it. And don’t let that stop you from braving a new adventure, or embracing a new challenge. There is something quite powerful about contrasting a high voltage adrenaline sport like kitesurfing with the flowery frills on your new favorite summer dress. It’s as though beneath your own feminine beauty, there’s a strength, a force beyond reckoning that is unleashed when you gear up for a kick-ass kitesurfing session. At the same time, don’t get too attached to that feminine beauty on the water; Carolina’s post titled “Is there vanity in kiting?” explains why.

No matter what, be who you are, wear whatever expresses your individuality, and get out there and kitesurf. Comment below and tell us: What’s your kitesurfing fashion style? What do you rock on the beach? What’s your favorite go-to accessory? Mine’s my bucket hat, which now looking back, that goat probably wanted to snack on.

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