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Following my dreams…

Among many things, I am a primary school teacher. I love teaching children and this was my excuse to move to Barbados. And I say excuse because what I am really doing here is following my dreams. Basically, the stoke for kitesurfing brought me to this island, which quickly became my best kitesurfing playground and awesome lifestyle generator.

After few months living in Barbados, I realized all I did was kitesurf and that was just the beginning of the dream. At the beach I met incredible friends and kiting buddies which I spend most of my time with: never ending sessions, house parties, barbecues, downwinders, brunches and more. Barbados is an island where most of the kitesurfers stay short term, which makes it very interesting because you get to know very good people from around the world. However, there are a bunch of locals who are all crazy for kiting too and we have a lot of fun together. I met Carolina and Kelly a year ago, and quickly became my colleagues and co-founders of KiteSirens. After that, excitement is the best word to describe my life.

New projects always bring changes and changes move things around. I am moving back to my home country for few months to revolutionize the sport of kitesurfing in Spain! Follow us to see what comes next… 🙂

I think if you ask my friends they might say I am a happy, spontaneous and outgoing kitesurfer. My family would describe me more as a laid back and relaxed person, probably stubborn too. My co-workers might think I am fortunate, passionate and maybe a bit crazy. I see myself as an adventurous, playful, confident and a life lover spirit.

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