How to Change a Kitesurf Bladder Tips & Tricks / Videos

In this video tutorial we show you how to change a kitesurf bladder. The kite used in this example is a 3m Passion RRD kite. How many times have you broken your kite? Probably more than once. It is very useful to have the knowledge to repair your own gear so you can be independent and not have to rely on others. Our goal is to be in the water as soon as possible with our gear in perfect condition so… learn the steps and try! ?

You will need…

Baby powder

A string

Bladder patch

Something to use as a weight or someone to help you

The steps


1. Disconnect all the valves: Disconnect the valves from the struts and push them inside the leading edge.

2. Attach a string to the bladder: Open the tip of the leading edge to take the end of the bladder out. Attach a string to it. Very important to make sure the string is not going to come out, otherwise it is going to be very difficult to insert the bladder back into the leading edge.

3. Remove the bladder: Find an opening on the leading edge to reach for the bladder. Use a weight or a friend to give tension on the end of the leading edge when removing the bladder.

4. Secure the string: Disconnect the string from the bladder and secure the string on the kite so it doesn’t slide back in by accident.


1. Find the hole: Pump the bladder and put it under water. Look for bubbles to see where the leak is. Use a marker to circle the holes.

2. Repair: Clean the area with alcohol and use a bladder patch to stick it on the hole.

3. Test it under water


1. Baby powder: Put a bit of powder inside the leading edge to help the bladder slide inside.

2. Connect the string: Disconnect the string from the kite and connect it again to the end of the bladder.

3. Insert the bladder: Make sure the leading edge is flat as well as the bladder when you slide it in. Also slide the bladder with the valves facing the right direction so that they can fit through the valve openings. Use a helper to pull the string from the end of the leading edge or use a weight to give tension.

4. Connect the valves: Push each valve through its opening. For the strut valves, connect each to its strut.

5. Close the tip of the leading edge: Disconnect the string from the tip of the bladder and put it back inside as it was before.

6. Pump: Do it slowly to make sure the leading edge is not twisted inside.

7. Check: Leave it pumped for at least 10 minutes to make sure it is not loosing any air.


Leave us a comment if you have any other tips! 😉


Enjoy your kiting!

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