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There are times when you know that you are on to something good. You know that your intentions are in the correct places and you envision how it all plays out; you plan every bit of it with best and worst case scenarios. If you are an optimist and borderline idealist, like me, the best case situation tends to prevail and you build a happy picture in your head, with a white picket fence included. The space between your ideas, plans, and goals and the reality of putting things together to make them happen is where the difficulty lies.

It is in this space that outside motivation and support is important. This is the role that Tona has had in the launch of the Sun Tribe event in Spain. After sitting down for countless hours in KiteSirens meetings developing ideas on how to get more girls involved in kitesurfing, Kelly, Andrea and I put ideas into motion for the launch of Sun Tribe. So we reached out to a brand that we identify with, asking for their support with the project. Although the official launch of the KiteSirens website was still two months fresh, the team at Tona did not hesitate to respond. They agreed to collaborate and before we knew it we had three beautiful Eden boards land in Barbados. Wow!

Collaborating with brands that KiteSirens can stand by and relate to is crucial to us. Our intention as three young women building a brand, is to promote only products that we have tried and know to be top-notch. Tona, being a “home-carved” make, was one that we saw KiteSirens working with from the beginning. Tona was founded by three talented guys all with a Caribbean background. Back in 2007 they came together through a common passion for kitesurfing, making it their mission to build and improve kitesurfing gear, by putting their talent and experience on the table. Andre Phillip starring as the pro-kitesurfer, Adam Anton as the superb graphic designer, and Dereck Camacho as the specialist in custom boards, all joined forces to pull together this successful brand.

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The whisper of faith from the Tona team through the sponsorship of three Eden boards, continues to remind us that what we envision is valuable and makes sense. Converting our plans for KiteSirens into reality is going to take a ton of hard work and some moments of self-doubt, but the Tona brand is a vivid example that with dedication it can all happen. I find myself looking down at my board during kiting sessions more than I ever did before. Talk about positive reinforcement!

Making a difference can be done, but paving the way is hardly ever easy.

Thank you Tona! You will have some proud Sirens taking their favorite boards to new heights 😉

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