Wind in Our Hearts

What happens when women from different places in the world meet in Barbados and start kitesurfing? Naturally, we start a blog. Hi, we’re the KiteSirens. We kite, we blog, we live our dream, and we want to share it all with you.

The idea for our blog was born when it became very apparent that there are far more men kitesurfing than women. While that’s not a bad thing (especially for the single ladies!), we are so passionate about the sport that we want to strengthen the voice for female kitesurfers. We also want to use this platform to inspire and motivate other women who are learning to kitesurf or are curious about the sport. Anyone is capable of kiting; it just takes grit, determination, and commitment, then you’ll be flying high. If anything, you can enjoy pictures of our beautiful Caribbean island, Barbados, that is known for consistent trade winds and exceptional beach living.

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Through our kitesurfing adventures, we hope to inspire other women to live authentically, reach beyond limits, and chase dreams like the wind.

KiteSirens - Barbados, W.I.



Age: 29

Originally From: Spain

Favourite Kitesurfing Style: Strapless wave riding

Favorite Quote: Be happy with yourself and the others around you will be too.

In My Own Words: I think if you ask my friends they might say I am a happy, spontaneous and outgoing kitesurfer. My family would describe me more as a laid back and relaxed person, probably stubborn too. My co-workers might think I am fortunate, passionate and maybe a bit crazy. I see myself as an adventurous, playful, confident and a life lover spirit. Watch this video for more!

Background: Co-Founder. Owner at Kitesurf Intl., IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) certified instructor, Early Years and Primary Teacher, Psychologist of Education, activist and entrepreneur.


Age: 30

Originally From: Barbados / Venezuela

Favourite Kitesurfing Style: Strapless wave riding

Favorite Quote: With faith and perseverance, the impossible is possible.

In My Own Words: I thrive on challenges, am addicted to adrenaline, in love with adventure and inspired by simple pleasures. Authenticity is my core value. I invest my energy in decisions, people and actions which keep me aligned with my true self. I believe that respect, acceptance and kindness are the pillars of happiness. Watch this video for more!

Background: Co-Founder. Owner at Kitesurf Intl., IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) certified instructor, Psychology Graduate, activist and entrepreneur.


Many Thanks to Our Bajan Posse

This blog wouldn’t be possible without the help of amazing Barbados talent that we have come to know and love. Check them out! A big thank you to:

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